Welcome to Fountain Hills Rotary!

The Fountain Hills Rotary chapter was started in April 1979 through the diligent efforts of Ben Benson and Hartley Barker from the Paradise Valley Rotary Club.   Our membership is a blend of business leaders, professionals and retirees.  The combination of youthful energy and mature experience, which provides a variety of resources, blend beautifully to create a well-balanced organization.  We are or have been business leaders who have taken active position within our communities.  As a result we have benefitted both personally and professionally.

At our weekly club meetings we enjoy socializing, a lovely meal and a speaker who informs us of issues ranging from the community to international levels.  These weekly presentations help us stay informed about issues that don’t make the 10:00 news.  All our members agree that this opportunity to socialize and build special friendships is wonderful personal benefit.